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Grifols Engineering produces engineering solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, but what sets us apart?

On site daily contact with production areas at Grifols, our in-house client.

. This allows us to receive constant feed-back on solutions we implement and to continually deepen our knowledge to apply improvements which are practical, efficient and profitable.

“At Grifols Engineering, production and engineering services join forces”.


Engineering and process machinery developed specifically for your project

Few companies can offer both engineering and machinery production. The services can complement each other or can be requested separately.


Solutions tailored to each individual client

We adapt pharmaceutical and biotech industrial machinery so that it can achieve maximum profit margins and meet the needs of each client.


We have the experience, technology and a highly qualified team which can develop highly specific machine prototypes which, for their specificity of function, cannot be found on the market.


Since it pertains to an international pharmaceutical holding, Grifols Engineering S.A. collaborates closely on a continuous basis with internal clients. This means that we can focus exclusively on the external projects to which we can bring added value, guaranteeing an optimal final result.


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