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September 2014 - Grifols Engineering develops an automatic test tube capping machine

August 2014 - Grifols Engineering completes the extension to the dispensing line in North Carolina

June 2014 - Grifols Engineering new assembly line for dispensing, closing and capping

June 2014 - Grifols Engineering pasteurization unit

April 2014 - BlisPack® was developed by Grifols Engineering to help trace medication in the hospital

February 2014 - Grifols Engineering develops a new aseptic vial filling line

February 2014 - New reagent dispenser for clinical diagnostics


December 2013 - Grifols Engineering develops a new aseptic vial filling line for biotechnology products

September 2013 - Grifols Engineering COP cleaning system for tangential filters

September 2013 - Grifols Engineering develops a new aseptic vial filling line for biotechnology products

July 2013 - Grifols Engineering develops a machine for conditioning vials in polyvalent kits

May 2013 - Grifols starts construction of a new plant in Brazil

April 2013 - Plasma Bag Opener, PBO®

January 2013 -Automated system for washing the filter press frames and plates

January 2013 -Grifols Engineering designs GMP laboratory equipment for cell fragmentation


November 2012 - Grifols Engineering Starts Work on the New Plasma Fractionation Plant

November 2012 -Grifols Inaugurates the Extension to its Production Facilities in Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia

October 2012 -The new Plasma Bottle Sampling system automates sample preparation for testing

July 2012 -The Team of Engineers at Grifols Therapeutics and the Company Grifols Engineering Have Started The Installations at the New Building to Increase Fractionation in Clayton, Nc.

July 2012 -Grifols Engineering displayed its innovations at the Hispack 2012 trade show

May - June 2012 -Grifols to build a factory in Brazil for the production of blood component collection and storage bags

February 2012 -Project to extend the fractionation plant (NFF) at Grifols Therapeutics

February 2012 -New parenteral solution dispensing line designed by Grifols Engineering

November 2011 -Multi-format vial filling and sealing machine for Biotech processes

October 2011 -Grifols Engineering constructs a new plasma fractionation plant for Instituto Grifols

May 2011 -Grifols Engineering closes a contract to sell production line to the Dutch foundation SANQUIN

April 2011 -New Fractionation Plant in Parets

March 2011 -Construction Work Completed on the Bial Project

February 2011 -Grifols is to Build the First Cell Therapy Clean Room

January 2011 -Grifols Engineering develops a new automated sterilization line for Laboratorios Grifols production plant in Parets del Vallès


18/11/2010 -The new blood and tissue bank in Catalonia is officially opened

04/10/2010 -Bial: global turn-key solution from Grifols Engineering

23/08/2010 -Grifols Engineering introduces a new plasma-bottle defrosting and emptying line at its Los Angeles production plant: GBI (Grifols Biologicals)

15/05/2010 -Grifols Engineering develops new filling line for Laboratorios Grifols Murcia.

15/05/2010 -Grifols Engineering returns from Bio-Chicago

02/04/2010 -Grifols Engineering and Viastore Systems, Inc. to design an automated system for the classification and control of plasma samples.

09/03/2010 -FDA approves Grifols' new albumin production facilities in Los Angeles

03/02/2010 -Grifols engineering signs supply contract with Belgian Red Cross (CAF-DCF Red Cross).

03/02/2010 -Grifols engineering signs supply contract with Belgian Red Cross (CAF-DCF Red Cross).

25/01/2010 -Grifols engineering to construct new manufacturing area for Medison Diagnostics (Switzerland).


09/12/2009 -Grifols Engineering implements new labelling and filling line for reagent gel immunohematology cards in Melbourne, Australia.

11/11/2009 -BlisPack®: a system which automates blister pack cutting and the electronic identification of medicines for hospital use.

20/10/2009 -Grifols Engineering to construct new BST plant.

14/10/2009 -GE project for 3P Biopharmaceuticals completed successfully.

08/10/2009 -Grifols Engineering develops a new line of plasma thawing and removal from bottles at the Instituto Grifols plant in Parets del Valles.

28/05/2009 -Misterium: a new concept in cleanrooms.

10/05/2009 -Grifols Engineering begins construction on the company's new IGIV plant in Los Angeles.

05/05/2009 -New area for preparing and filling parenteral nutrition solutions.

28/04/2009 -Grifols Engineering to design the first Spanish monoclonal antibodies production plant.


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