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BlisPack was developed by Grifols Engineering to help trace medication in the hospital


April 2014

Grifols is a Spanish holding company specialized in the hospital pharmaceutical sector and one of the leading companies in the development of products and services for hospital pharmacy. In 2010 the company developed the BlisPack system that automates the cutting of blister sheets and repackages the unit dose medication maintaining the manufacturer's original packaging to avoid altering the product conditions. Over the years, the system has evolved to better meet the needs of the hospital with regard to automatically identifying the unit dose in order to reduce medication errors and thus increase the quality of healthcare.

The manual procedure followed by healthcare staff for preparing unit dose medication involves a certain amount of risk in identification. BlisPack solves this problem in an efficient manner and also allows barcode identification of each unit dose in a format that each hospital can define. The system has two main advantages: On the one hand it cuts the blister sheet into individual unit doses and at the same time it maintains the manufacturer's original packaging. Hospital pharmacists prefer this, since the original conditions of the product remain unaltered. Barcode identification allows the nursing staff at the hospital to electronically check that the medication they are about to administer to the patient coincides with that on the physician's prescription.


BlisPack can operate without any assistance from hospital staff. Once the blister sheets are loaded on to the machine, it can function with no need for intervention for one to two hours, depending on the thickness and number of tablets. The average productivity is around 1,500 packaged units per hour.


The BlisPack system is manufactured by Grifols Engineering and sold worldwide. The machine is currently installed in thirty-seven hospital pharmacies to provide the traceability of medicines throughout the hospital.


Grifols Engineering is the company within the group that develops biopharmaceutical engineering and other solutions for hospitals that improve quality of health care.




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