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A brief company history


Founded in 2001, Grifols Engineering belongs to Grifols group of companies in the international hospital/pharmaceutical sector.


Grifols originally began as a pharmaceutical company in 1940. Since then, in-house engineering designs have played a pivotal role in developing and improving productivity at Grifols, first as a department within the company and currently as its own entity. Grifols Engineering is a company specialized in project management for manufacturing processes and plants and in the manufacture of special machinery for the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.
We have the know-how to design projects for production processes and specific machinery which comply with the European health authorities and the US FDA.

Un poco de historia

The experience we have accumulated over the course of years includes engineering knowledge of pharmaceutical and biotech processes which Grifols Engineering now extends to external companies.


In recent years, our innovative team at Grifols Engineering has obtained six patents in biotech and specific machinery for new manufacturing processes. Un poco de historia

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